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Ancient Tomes of Necessity

Dusty Boring Books
Here, you'll find the boring rules that everyone must follow (yawn, get it over with) and the marginally less boring news! Check here once in a while (lest you be labeled a tuna sandwich!)
How to Define Power Ranking by Corr on Nov 24, 2014 21:48:29 GMT -5

Grimoire of Imagination
Judging by the meticulously rainbow-colored title, this is the more fabulous Ancient Tome. Here lies anything you need to know regarding the actual roleplay, including information about the races, places, and mo'!
V. Magic & Castes by Toots the Wizard on Dec 14, 2014 10:22:20 GMT -5

Mysticverse Records
A tome of records that keeps track of each Mysticverse citizen and their status! Magically records anyone who poofs into existence, so... yeah, that's handy. A place to create characters, races, or organizations. Make sure to label your thread to signify what kind of record you are submitting!
General Information by Rennat on Dec 10, 2014 6:23:39 GMT -5

Exploration Logs
A logbook that (terrifyingly) watches where people go, when, for how long, etc. (all the creepy stuff) A good place to keep track of your adventures. The main board is used to house exploration logs (AKA plotters/shippers), used to tell where ya been, what you been doin', and whatcha wanna do! You'll also find character trackers and wanted ads, if that's your thang.
Plot Characters Needed by Rennat on Nov 25, 2014 13:53:58 GMT -5


Avalice-Skae, often shortened to just 'Skae,' is a floating archipelago that descended from the clouds mysteriously one day, and has since served as a haven for the embittered winged Garuda. A site of heavy industrialization and known for its mixture of natural and mechanized architecture, Skae remains the most technologically advanced continent, and has only recently begun to involve itself in Mysticverse trade.
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Once the site of an enormous war, Mundania is now a racially diverse hub of activity for the realm. Despite being the largest of the continents, very little of it is colonized land. The Humans who founded Mundania have left much of the land to grow naturally, including the sparse forests, ancient ruins, and rock fields that the more obscure, less mingle-friendly races call home.
Tongue-Tied (Open) by Kore Deiman on Nov 1, 2014 1:48:10 GMT -5

Most of Soil is a bleak wasteland, dotted with black forests that have adapted to thrive off the poisoned water of its swamps. Soil is said to be home to cults practicing dark magic and werebeasts, but few have seen such individuals firsthand. The land of Soil is said to be a living, breathing force on its own, able to attack intruders or those it deems unworthy through the forces of nature.
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The Underword is a hellish realm that, at first, seems to be nothing more than an expansive network of tangibly dark caves. However, its enormity is increased twofold by out-of-places areas ripped straight from the memories of the individual daring to explore them. The Underword ends at the what is assumed to be the core, a golden city called Petra Mortis, which is inhabited by Lolita and the creature they follow, Knott.
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The Deep

The Deep is the enormous amount of water that surrounds the Land Plane. It is the primary water supply to which all major bodies of water flow to and from, inhabited by many mysterious creatures left mostly uncharted because of the Deep's dangers. Many of these creatures swim from the Deep to the ponds and lakes of the Land Plane and enjoy a peaceful life amongst other races.
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OOC Stuff

I suppose you're here to mooch off the site for advertisements! And ya know what, that's okay! Admirable, even! Guest-friendly, check the main board for affiliation information.
One Piece - No Man's Land by Pandyman on Sept 26, 2015 21:15:56 GMT -5

If you have something to say that you're too afraid too ask in the chatbox is too awesome not to have its own thread, ask away here!
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A place for the forms of races and organizations, dropped threads, and archived characters.
Megasis Azure by Rennat on Nov 23, 2014 16:54:21 GMT -5


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